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Congratulations to Steve "Champ" McCrory and team owner Ron Lane on a great start to the 2015 season between the 2 of them, They have over 60,000 in winnings not to mention the Dragster & other Prizes already this year. Ron is running a 618 ci 20 Degree Steve Schmidt Competition Engine. Steve has the 584 ci version.

This 632 UltraStreet Big Dawg Has Been Engineered To Deliver Incredible Race Engine Performance In A Reliable Pump Gas Friendly Package.
Sep 04, 2014 · The Rotax 1503 engine is an engineering masterpiece, the only 4 stroke engine specifically designed for watercraft use, the only watercraft engine with a closed loop cooling system. It is now available in several variations from the new 135hp found in the 2006 GTI range right up to the wopping 215hp supercharged intercooled monster found in the ...
Sep 24, 2004 · Some of the 632's standard accessories include a complete HEI ignition (with 8mm wires) and an internally balanced SFI balancer. 15/18 Production versions of the 632 will vary visually from our...
For ‘97 & up Camaro/Firebird or ‘96 & up Corvette engine with a reluctor wheel; discard spacer provided. [9] Hubs are made of heat-treated alloy steel. [10] Washer #953070 is required with LT1 hubs and is shipped with dampers.
BluePrint Engines 632 c.i. big block chevy now built and designed to be power adder ready. Whether you are looking at a turbo, supercharger or NOS - the BluePrint Engines 632 is ready for you!
Jan 09, 2013 · The company sells a street/strip engine package 632 that makes 800 hp with a hydraulic cam and costs less than $12,000. The cam explains the power output. Engines of this displacement routinely...
632 Chevy Long Block $13,999 The 632 Big Block Chevy is best suited for those looking for maximum cubes to take to the track. Although this monster is based on the 454 Chevy, expect to do some customization in order to stuff this 800 horsepower tall-deck engine in your ride.
GM 5.7L 350 L05 Gen 1 87-95 Truck Crate Engine 210HP. $3,125.00. Quick View. ALL NEW ! Vortec 96-02 350 L31 Crate Engine. $3,095.00. Quick View. ALL NEW ! Vortec 96 ...
The famous 302- based crate engine with "E-Cam" returns as a X2302E with the "X2' cylinder head.The Ford Performance X2302 crate engine features the newest cylinder head. The X2, packaged with the legendary E camshaft. This can be used with Automatic or Manual Transmission using all forged internals.
Lukovich 383 / 468 ci Small Block Chevy Short Block Kits use name brand, quality components and include internal/external balancing with pin fitted rods and pistons. The block is machined, honed, race prepped, washed & lubricated, then sealed in a plastic bag ready for assembly.
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  • It’s a great choice for the 555 because it is capable of supporting well over 1,000 hp and will allow an enthusiast to add nitrous to the Edelbrock crate engine without fear of hurting the block. Musi machines the bore to 4.560-inches which works with the SCAT 4.25-inch crank to make 555 ci.
  • 632 CI is 4.750 stroke and 4.600 Bore. ... I'd certainly sell the motor at this point. It's still in the crate with the dyno sheet attached. Its definitely short of ...
  • Oct 19, 2012 · Bad motor. I am trying to get a 383 (bp3834ct1) fixed because it makes a knocking noise. Good luck. The girl at blueprint told me it was probly not thier motor but I can send it back and they will look into it. She said if it was something the mechanic should have found I would be charged for it! What a money pit!
  • Edelbrock Crate Engines are 100% brand new and utilize our proven Power Package formulas to offer breathtaking performance right out of the box. E-Comm Sales: Sales: 888-799-1135 Tech: 800-416-8628 | FREE Shipping on orders over $100! 0% Financing Available ...
  • 632 BBC Heavy Nitrous Engine Options by Raymac Racing Engines (20 Degree: 1080hp) (20 Degree + 1 Stage: 1700+hp) (14.5 Degree: 1300hp)

Take a look at our 632 14° CNC Ported Big Chief, as well as other Big Block Race Engines available for sale here at Champion Racing Engines LLC. The Edelbrock-Musi Crate Engine Program was created specifically for drag racers and features the Musi 632 Top Sportsman/Top Dragster engine that is available now from Musi Racing Engines in Mooresville, NC. We start with a Dart Big M raised cam ...

We also offer a nitrous version of this engine, please call 1-800-957-7223 for details. Our 632 "KING of the HILL" also comes with a Custom Dry-Sump Oiling System with our special Steve Schmidt Aluminum Oil Pan.
Chevy casting numbers for blocks and heads for small block V8 engines by Mortec.

Engine Master Australia is your one stop shop.....purchase one of our crate engines, one of our specialist selections....or piece together your own custom built engine. With a Full Machine Shop - Engine Master Australia can build the engine of your dreams or recondition your old one to keep your numbers matching.

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BluePrint Engines 632 c.i. big block chevy now built and designed to be power adder ready. Whether you are looking at a turbo, supercharger or NOS - the BluePrint Engines 632 is ready for you!